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James Dillet Freeman, Living in Creative Spirit

Today we present a special article in our Living in Creative Spirit series, a highlight of poet and Unity Minister James Dillet Freeman.  Rev. Freeman spent more than 70 years of his life in dedication and service to the Unity movement.  He is considered Unity’s poet laureate, authoring the well known “Prayer for Protection,” “I Am There,” and “Angels Sing In Me” to name just a few.  His published books include The Story of Unity, Love is Strong as Death, and The Hilltop Heart: Reflections of a Practical Mystic.  In addition to writing, lecturing and teaching, Freeman served as Director of Unity’s ministerial program and Director of Silent Unity, Unity’s 24 hour prayer line.

Throughout the years, much has been written and shared about this Creative Spirit active in Unity.  We share with you below links to several articles, audio and video featuring the work of James Dillet Freeman.  May they be a source of inspiration on your spiritual journey.

The following video meditation from Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village features the text of Freeman’s poem “The Traveler.”

James Dillet Freeman shares how the famous “Prayer for Protection” came to be in this article on Unity.org.  http://www.unity.org/resources/articles/prayer-protection

Read how his wife’s terminal illness inspired the widely read, “I Am There” on Unity.org.  http://www.unity.org/archives/articles/i-am-there-james-dillet-freeman

A special page dedicated to the work of James Dillet Freeman can be found on TruthUnity.net.  This page features articles about Freeman as well as video lectures and audio recordings.  We recommend listening to the audio of Freeman reading his poems from Angels Sing in Mehttps://www.truthunity.net/people/james-dillet-freeman

We hope you have enjoyed this special feature on “Living In Creative Spirit.”  Join us next week for our final interview in the Summer session series.  We will be talking with artist, Connie Solara.

“Living In Creative Spirit,” is an online interview series featuring creative individuals who blend spirituality and creativity in their lives and work.  Summer session interviews are published weekly on Monday at 12:00 CT.  This series is presented by Unity Arts Ministry, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to inspiring personal growth, healing and transformation through spiritual enrichment and creative expression.

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