Living a Creative Life of Adventure and Joy

The beginning of the movie The Wizard of Oz shifts from black and white to Technicolor signifying the beginning of a very personal and deep journey for the main character Dorothy. The vivid colors express a vitality and sense of purpose as Dorothy ventures out to accomplish what is hers to do. Our lives too, take on a sense of bold creative expression as we step forward, recognizing what is before us as an adventure filled with great possibilities!

As a student of Unity teachings and a Unity minister, I regularly practice the use of denials and affirmations to release what does not serve me and claim spiritual truths that support and enhance my life. An example of a combination denial/affirmation that I use often is, “Fear and limitation have no power over me. I am whole, wise and well.”

As I affirm these Truths, I am supported in living my life with a sense of creativity and confidence. Shifting my thoughts and beliefs to ones that are more empowering has absolutely transformed my life. It’s true that our thoughts eventually become our actions if we focus upon them long enough, so we may as well choose our thoughts wisely. As a result of raising my thoughts to a higher level of positivity and spiritual Truth, my life is far more colorful, creative, and flows with more grace and ease.

Studies have shown links between creativity and increased mental health. Once I gained the awareness that my thoughts are creative, my whole outlook on life became more empowered and joyful. I encourage you to write denials and affirmations that are personal to you so that you may begin the adventure of your lifetime much like Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz. Enjoy your journey!

If you would like support in creating the life of your dreams, please reach out to one of the team members at Unity Arts Ministry. We’d love to support you!

This article was written by Rev. Diana Kennedy.

Rev. Diana Kennedy is a Unity Minister, Q Coach, Creative Muse and Artist of Life. Her mission is to foster creative inspiration. Through Unity Arts Ministry, Diana offers “Playshops,” workshops that integrate spiritual principles and creative expression in a safe and fun atmosphere.  Rev. Diana also serves as a featured writer on and offers her skills in social media outreach.

Facebook: @ Rev. Diana Kennedy’s Soul Tribe.

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