The Journey of Process Painting

[Article by Jenny Hahn, originally published by Unity Leader’s Journal, Feb 23, 2017] “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So said the great Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu. It can also begin with a single brushstroke. Let’s take a journey together. You are an archaeologist of sorts. Part scientist, part adventurer/explorer. You Read more about The Journey of Process Painting[…]

5 Creative Activities for Winter Days

Wintery roads have you trapped inside? Use the time to get your creative on! In this article we share 5 simple and fun visual art projects you can do to make the most of your unplanned day at home. These playful, creative activities will activate your imagination, help relieve stress, and bring you into the Read more about 5 Creative Activities for Winter Days[…]

Building Community With Mandalas

  One of the expressive arts activities facilitated during our recent “Creative Renewal Retreat” was a group Mandala project. Participants were invited to work together to create an image that represented their prayers for self, local community, and the world. I share the intuitive process of how this project unfolded below.  My intention is that Read more about Building Community With Mandalas[…]

Why its OK to Get Messy

One of the most beautiful things about keeping a Visual Journal, is that it doesn’t need to be beautiful!  A journal is meant as a private place for processing life – the good, the challenging, the joy, the pain. This week I want to remind you that it is OK to get messy in your Read more about Why its OK to Get Messy[…]

Using Your Hands

Your own hands can be a lovely place for starting a Visual Journal page.  Your hands allow you to feel and sense the world around you.  With your hands you connect and to communicate through text, a letter, a handshake or a hug.  Consider all your hands do; how they serve; what they create; and who Read more about Using Your Hands[…]

Affirming Joy

Our thoughts have a formative effect upon our lives.  Setting our intentions upon what we want to see more of in our lives is a powerful spiritual practice.  If you haven’t already found this to be true in your life, give it a try!  Consider something you would like to experience more of: Joy, Peace, Read more about Affirming Joy[…]

5 Must Haves For Your Creativity Basket

Studies show that creativity thrives in a safe and supportive environment.  What better way to tell your creativity that you care than by setting time to be together and bringing a little gift. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite materials to have on hand for working (playing) in my Read more about 5 Must Haves For Your Creativity Basket[…]

Art & Soul

It’s time to get your journals out!  The new weekly Visual Journal workshop, Art & Soul, launches this week.  I am excited to be sharing this creative outlet once again in my local community.  In addition to teaching in person, I will be sharing images from my own journals here on the Unity Arts Ministry Read more about Art & Soul[…]

Blank Canvas

For more than 10 years, I have engaged in the practice of keeping a Visual Journal.  It has become one of my favorite creative outlets for processing life, exploring emotions, and tuning into the center of my own being.  Not only have I found tremendous healing and personal transformation through this process, but I have Read more about Blank Canvas[…]

Thinking With the Heart

Original Airdate: September 20, 2017 Description: Join Reverend Evelyn and Jenny Hahn (, artist and co-founder of Creative Nectar Studio ( as they talk joyfully about the practice of coming home to ourselves. This episode is a heartfelt conversation about the process of finding ourselves and how to do so in a way that truly Read more about Thinking With the Heart[…]