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5 Must Haves For Your Creativity Basket

*Sample basket modeled by our cat, Lightning.

Studies show that creativity thrives in a safe and supportive environment.  What better way to tell your creativity that you care than by setting time to be together and bringing a little gift.

Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite materials to have on hand for working (playing) in my Visual Journal.  You may use these ideas to put together a “Creativity Basket” ensuring you will always have something on hand for your next journal page or other creative project.

I have broken these down into 5 primary categories: Paint, Collage, Drawing, Text and Adhesives.  By combining at least one item from each category into your basket (shoe boxes also work great), you will have the perfect gift to give your creativity.

Love & Blessings on Your Creative Journey,

Rev. Jen

1. Paint: Acrylic craft paint; tempera; water color; fluid acrylics; paint sticks.  To apply your paint to the page you may use brushes; stamps; plastic forks; an old gift card; q-tips; or your fingers.

2. Collage: Magazines; stickers; ephemera; scrap book paper; tin foil; music sheets; old books; buttons; ribbon; googly eyes; glitter; photographs.

3. Drawing: Crayons; markers; pencils; colored pencils; pens; gel pens; scented markers; permanent markers; charcoal; soft pastels; oil pastels; water soluble pastels or colored pencils.

4. Text: Favorite quotes; fortune cookie messages; cut outs from magazines; affirmation / angel cards; rubber stamp alphabet.

5. Adhesives: Glue stick; Mod Podge; masking tape; packing tape; liquid glue; staples; paper clips; thread and needle.


If you enjoy keeping a Visual Journal, I would like to invite you to join our FB group dedicated to Visual Journals.  We would love to see a picture of your “Creativity Basket!”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/VisualJournalCommunity/

For those of you who live in the Kansas City, MO area, I would also like to invite you to join me for our weekly Visual Journal program held at Unity Village.  For more details and a map to our meeting room visit our events page.



“I thought I was signing up for an art workshop when I joined; I had no idea how beautiful or special or sacred – yes, sacred is a good word – this space was going to be. It’s not just about creating art, it’s about love, celebration, freedom and healing too.” -Lisa L.


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