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A simple word has great power. Ministries around the country are bringing communities together to paint rocks with inspiring messages to be shared.  With each inspirational stone, ripples of kindness & peace are spread into the world.

Learn how Unity of Bandon, OR, Unity Arts Ministry & Unity of Las Vegas have embraced this idea and how you can start a ripple in your community or spiritual center.

“Peace Rocks” Program at Unity of Bandon, OR

Peace Rock at Easter Island

Unity of Bandon, OR has developed a “Peace Rock” program within their ministry. Rev. Robin Borman Haruna shared with us the details of the program.

As part of the celebration of the Season for Peace & Nonviolence a  Peace Concert was planned at Unity of Bandon in April 2006. As part of that celebration, member Jane Clark decided to paint the word “peace” on some rocks and pass them out to all who attended the concert. Little could she have known….she started an international movement!

In 2010, the folks at Unity of Bandon decided to paint more peace rocks and distribute them around the community. Since 2010, hundreds of thousands of ordinary river rocks from the south coast of Oregon have been painted with messages, words and images of peace and hope.   They are in all 50 states (and have been shared with all state senators) and have been taken to over 50 countries, including Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Israel, Japan, Liberia, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, and Viet Nam.  They have been placed in locations such as the site of the Berlin Wall, Easter Island, the Wall for Peace Sculpture in France, Marefat School, Kabul, Afghanistan, the Vatican and the Statue of Liberty.

“Our vision is to spread messages of Peace that ripple out around the world, one thought, one rock at a time. We believe that every person on the planet has the power to change the world. We encourage people to paint words, images, and messages of peace, hope, love, and joy on ordinary rocks and distribute them all over the world. We encourage people to focus their attention on the idea of peace and to share that message with others. In Bandon, groups gather monthly to create these messages of peace; schools, organizations, and churches around the world have joined in this project. Anyone, anywhere, any age can participate in this movement.”



Peace Rocks at the Cranberry Parade

Rev. Robin writes, “Quite a number of Unity and CSL centers have joined us over the years as well as a few Baptist and Episcopalian churches…also schools and other peace organizations.” Here is just a sample of the participating organizations: Rotary International; Episcopal Collegiate School, Little Rock, Arkansas; Creative Peacemakers, Asheville Peace Rocks project NC; Oakcrest View retirement home, Baltimore, MD; Bandon Schools, Bandon, OR; Exercise Peace Summer Camp in Baltimore, MD; Montessori school in California; Canyonville, OR Middle School; Newport, OR High School Spanish Class; Home Federal Bank, Grants Pass Quadra Island, British Columbia Group; Lewes Beach, Delaware Group; Oakwood, OH Yoga Studio; Baptist Church, Hoover, Alabama; Unity of Durham, Ontario, Canada; Unity in North Idaho; Unity of Spokane, WA; Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, CA; Unity of Independence, MO; Unity of Roseburg, OR….and many others.

Learn more about the Peace Rock program at

Unity Arts Ministry & “The Kindness Rocks Project”

In February 2018, Unity Arts Ministry participated in creating a special Kindness Rocks Project in partnership with Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village and Hazel Grove Elementary School.

“Kindness Rocks” from across the country

Inspired by the “Kindness Rocks Project” our goal was to bring a painted rock with a message of kindness for every student at Hazel Grove Elementary. Many of the rocks were painted by individuals during special rock painting parties held in the local Unity Village area. Other ministries, individuals and outside organizations across the country also painted rocks as part of the program.

Participants included: Unity Artists Coalition; Unity World Headquarters, Unity Village, MO; Unity Village Chapel, MO; Unity Southeast, KCMO; Unity of the Heartland, Olathe, KS; Unity of Topeka, KS; Silent Unity, Unity Village, MO; Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Village, MO; The Sisters of Myrtle, 2018 Women’s Retreat, MO; Cafe Gratitude, Kansas City; Cub Scout Den 4 of Pack #1728 in Lunenburg, MA; Lesta Sue Hardee, Myrtle Beach, SC; & Regina Adams, Lees Summit, MO.

During  Random Acts of Kindness Week, the school hosted Rev. Jen Hutchins for special presentations on kindness where we presented the rocks to students. Students were encouraged to place their rocks in the community to spread the message of kindness and compassion. Both students and teachers were inspired by the ripple of kindness they had already created. We received touching letters from students sharing the positive impact the presentation and the “Kindness Rock” had on their lives.

For more information on this project please visit,

Unity of Las Vegas & “The Kindness Rocks Project”

The project headed up by Unity Arts Ministry inspired members of Unity of Las Vegas to launch their own “Kindness Rocks” program in May, 2018. Member Susan Kallen shared the inspiration and intention of the project with us.

“Kindness Rocks” at Unity Las Vegas

Susan wrote, “I discovered the kindness rocks project when I first visited the Unity Artists Coalition Facebook page.* We have painted 84 kindness rocks so far, with another painting party scheduled for June 30th. Our plan is to spread them around the Las Vegas Valley and specifically leave baskets of them in the lobbies of some nursing homes, etc. I would love to get the city’s Parks and Rec. dept. on board. Hope to get some PR exposure for Unity.

Wish other Unity churches would get on board with kindness rocks – it is so much fun!

We are ‘living’ our new mission statement that Rev. Barry helped us with: ‘To advance the movement that calls humanity to spiritually awaken to oneness with each other and all creation.'”

Rev. Barry Vennard stated that there was a high level of enthusiasm among the organizers of the “Kindness Rocks” project at their church. He noted that the organizers’ passion has been passed along to the community who are actively engaged in painting encouraging messages on rock canvases.

For more information on Unity of Las Vegas visit


How to host a Rock Painting Party

Starting a “Kindness Rocks Project” or “Peace Rocks” program in your ministry offers a wide range of benefits. It is an opportunity for members to come together in community; rock painting is a stress relieving activity; and it provides a positive service to the surrounding community and beyond.


1) Collect smooth stones for your project. These can be found in nature or purchased at a craft or garden shop.

2) Paint your rocks using non-toxic, acrylic craft paint. Paint pens also work well for this project.

Note: You may choose to first paint rocks in a solid color then leave to dry before painting details and words in different colors.

3) Seal your completed and dried rocks with clear acrylic spray for outdoor use. This will help to protect your rocks and the environment.

4) Place your rocks out in the community. Be sure to respect the environment as well as private property. You may wish to collaborate with an organization to create rock baskets. Nursing homes, hospitals, schools and spiritual centers are possible ideas.

Donate to support Unity Arts Ministry

Unity Arts Ministry is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) ministry.  If you have been inspired by this post, please consider giving to support this ministry. Follow this link to our Donation Page.

We are grateful for the love and support of individuals and organizations like you, who feel they have been spiritually nourished or inspired by some aspect of this ministry and its work.


*Unity Artists Coalition 

Unity Arts Ministry hosts 2 Facebook pages dedicated to bringing artists of all disciplines together in the Unity / New Thought / Spiritual movement. We welcome all to join us.

The global page can be accessed at Those in the Kansas City area are also invited to join for local event notices.

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