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Today's featured guest on "Living in Creative Spirit" is Sara Page.  Sara is the Director of Youth and Family Education at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City. Her book, "L is for Love and Light: The New ABC Book," a colorful and encouraging book "for the child in all of us," was published in 2015. As an artist, writer, and speaker, she encourages people of ALL ages to be true to who they are and live a brave life. Sara lives in Smithton, MO with husband Dyarl Lewis, and daughters Lily, age 10, and Maya, age 7.

What is one of your favorite quotes?

There is a crack in everything, That's how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen, Anthem

What is one of your favorite books?

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

Do you have a favorite flavor of ice-cream?

If it has a coffee/espresso element to it, it’s the winner. What’s funny is, I don’t even drink coffee!

If you were a super hero what would your name and super power be?

The Encourager!!! Her superpower is seeing only the best in you until you believe in yourself as much as she does.

What role does spirituality play in your creative work?

I’ll answer this in two ways.

First, The creative process is a spiritual awareness tool for me. I have felt that overwhelming sense of being a vessel for divine ideas to flow through me, and I have also felt the agony of a complete mental and physical block to creativity...(“THE FUNK”, as my husband Dyarl and I call it.) Going from “Funk” to “Flow” and back again is a spiritual journey that honestly never ends for me.

Secondly, I love to combine universal spiritual concepts and artistic expression. Art that inspires! That’s the nature of my ABC book. That book came about as a way to share a message with the world through creative expression, and also to provide an enduring collection of everything I hoped my children, Lily and Maya, would come to know was true, about life, love, and having the courage to be true to their own hearts.


What is your favorite creative outlet?

If I stop to think about it, I’ve worked within so many mediums. Wow! I’ve done watercolor, acrylic on canvas, fabric/fiber arts, poetry, songwriting, video, blogging, publishing and web design which I consider all to be creative outlets.

These days, favorites are watercolor, web design, and publishing. More books are on their way!

I also feel my work at Unity Temple is a creative outlet, as I develop weekly lessons and cultivate new ways to engage our young people through special events and experiences. That’s it’s own kind of creativity for sure.



What inspires your creative work?

My belief that the world needs what I have to offer. This audacious hope that I can bring joy, comfort, and light to a dark and hurting world.

What are you passionate about?

Are you sure you want to get me started?

Shining bright and encouraging others to do the same, publishing more books, helping others publish their books, meditation, helping young people connect to deeper truth, helping families connect with each other, authenticity, courage, freedom, and connection!

Do you have a daily spiritual practice?

I meditate for at least 10 minutes, sometimes more like 30. I find huge value in simple, breath awareness meditation.

How do you move through creative blocks?

Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” and Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” both speak to the risk and value of trying something for the sake of trying, without assurance of creative “success”. When I’m blocked and procrastinating, I know it’s fear of failure and perfectionism that have me blocked in an attempt to keep me safe. I also tend to get quiet and busy when I don’t want to do my work. So talking about it with my husband, or another trusted friend, is a way to uncover that, as well as set up some accountability that “Yes, I’m doing this. I’m giving myself permission. It doesn’t have to be good, but I do need to get started.”

How do you inspire the Creative Spirit in others through your work?

I hope as I share my creations, I am inviting others to examine their own drive to create. I love having conversations with people when they share that they too, always wanted to write, or paint, or blog, or publish. I love to say “You can do it too!”

What are you currently working on?

I am collaborating on a couple of projects that I am excited about, alongside my work at Unity, of course. Some special events coming up there include an all-youth led Sunday morning service, and new group-work with teens. Very exciting times!

What tip would you give readers to help them nurture their Creative Spirit?

Don’t wait until life is perfect to create. There’s never going to be a good time until you decide to carve it out. Whether it’s sitting down at the computer to type your story, dragging out the old art supplies, or “noodling around” with a musical instrument, life is not going to clear the space on your calendar. Decide it’s a priority. Decide you have permission. Then push through and start. Getting started is the hardest hurdle to jump.


Where can readers learn more about you and your work?



Thank you, Sara for your open and inspiring responses!  

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