Kaira Boston, Living in Creative Spirit

We welcome mixed media artist, Kaira Boston to this week’s edition of “Living in Creative Spirit.”

I’m a mixed media artist that translates the layers of life, dreams, visions and intention in a layered visual way via color, texture, shapes and words which inspires and motivates clients when they see their art to continue making their impact in the world! In addition, I coach/guide clients through the different life layers with artful exercises and concepts as an expressive art facilitator.

I’ve lived these many layers of life myself and processed them via artful expression. While the medium of the art has changed over my lifetime, the results are the same, I get to hear my inner voice loudest and feel the connection with spirit most when I am in my art practice. Creating art is most definitely for my highest good and I show and share that with others to support them with their own journey’s to be operating to and from their own highest good.

I enjoy studio time and residence back in my hometown Richmond, VA which has a great art vibe! When not creating I spend time with my husband Bill, daughter Delaney and two pups, Luther and Elvis.

What is one of your favorite quotes?
“Thoughts become things.” Mike Dooley What a powerful reminder of what we can do so quickly to either support or distract us from our highest good!!

What is one book that has inspired you?
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
These four agreements along with The Golden Rule are my guide posts in life. They can also be really helpful in the creative process!
For those who have to know what they are let me share quickly with you!
1) Be Impeccable with Your Word
2) Don Take Anything Personally
3) Don’t Make Assumptions
4) Always Do Your Best

Do you have a favorite flavor of ice-cream?
Yes! Hershey’s Coconut Chocolate Almond and luckily I only know of one place to get it in VA Beach so I only have it once a year as a summer treat!

If you were a super hero what would your name and super power be?
Creative Confidence Connector – helping humans connect to their creativity and confidence to support them as they process daily existence in the human condition.

What role does spirituality play in your creative work?
I’ve been able to hear spirit the loudest when I’m creating! It really feels like the way I connect quickest to spirit and my highest calling.

What is your favorite creative outlet?
Mixed Media using pencil, acrylic paint and collage. I appreciate being able to journal out thoughts, questions or things that I need to process and then over top put the art mediums.

What inspires your creative work?
Everyday life actually! I see all the layers of life we life the different hats we wear and the common things we deal with and those are reflected in the numerous layers that get added to my creative work. Some of the layers get covered while others shine through because they are not yet ready to be sealed away.

What are you passionate about?
Helping everyone connect to their creativity and resourcefulness so that they know they are whole. With a daily practice of creativity allowing one to be mindful daily and as needed when the outside world is so chaotic.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice?
I feel the painting/collage is a form of active meditation which I consider a daily a spiritual practice.

How do you move through creative blocks?
Getting into action. That action can be getting really present and just writing/drawing/painting about what I’m looking at that very moment. Or it could be doing a creative art form outside my preferred medium to open up the creative flow again.

How do you inspire the Creative Spirit in others through your work?
When viewing my artwork it opens the portal for intuition and thus connection to the Creative Spirit. Even more inspiration for the Creative Spirit is possible when working with me in my Expressive Art Workshops. There is a safety I offer in the workshops that allows for quiet and play to be present so that they can tap into their intuition and then express in color and textures that may not otherwise be understood if put solely into words.

What are you currently working on? 
I’m currently putting together a show for a couple of First Fridays in the Fall. However, most of my focus is on my work as an Expressive Arts Facilitator. I have created a signature program, ‘The Mindful Canvas, open your mind through art to clear your path through life’. I facilitate these as workshops in my local community but have a few planned in the Northeast this Fall. If you’d like to learn more whether you can attend a workshop at this time or not, then please join us in The Mindful Canvas Experience Facebook Group.

I am thrilled to have been chosen as a presenter in two different women’s conferences this Fall. I will be leading women through art based activities that show how Creativity Conquers the Inner Critic. The Northern Virginia conference, Connector Conference can be found via this link. Excited to bring the positive results of getting mindful at the canvas with so many women.

What tip would you give readers to help them nurture their Creative Spirit?
I would share this affirmation: “I am creative, resourceful and whole!” I believe that each of us really are all three of these and saying the mantra allows all of us to sink more and more into the affirmation and increase the amount of time the Creative Spirit is present.

Where can readers learn more about you and your work?
I love connecting via social media and can be found on Instagram at Studio_Kaira and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/studiokaira/ in additions there is a website www.StudioKaira.com.

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