Stepping into the Creative Zone

Have you ever been out on a walk in nature and gotten lost in the beauty of your surroundings? As you moved deeper into the forest, perhaps you lost track of time as you enjoyed the tall green trees and sounds of a nearby bubbling brook. Or maybe while doing a repetitive task like washing dishes, your everyday “thinking” mind seemed to fade into the background, leaving you in a relaxed, open frame of mind.

Whether we are out in nature or knitting a sweater on the couch in front of the fireplace, it becomes easier to enter into a creative zone of thinking. Our racing mind and “gotta get it all done” thoughts begin to settle down and this allows us to enter into a completely different state of being. In these more relaxed and spacious moments our higher mind begins to generate solutions to challenges we have been experiencing. It is also in these moments when creative ideas about possible projects light up our brains and we experience what is called an “a ha!” moment. When we are in this state of mind, we feel innovative, curious, open, relaxed, or “in the flow”.

Generating new ideas is actually a process, which is why it is likely that “a ha!” moments come when we are open and relaxed. Like the domino effect, creative thinking unfolds, one thought after another, almost like a computer download. The brain takes a cue from your relaxed state of being and begins to generate ideas, thoughts, creative inspirations, wisdom, and insight along with peaceful, calm feelings.

Let’s not leave these powerful creative experiences up to chance or when we happen to be out in nature or leisurely washing dishes. Here are some ideas on how you can step into the creative zone in your life:

  • Create some space in your calendar to take a pause in between busier times in your schedule.
  • Go for a quick ten minute walk before or after a big meeting you have at the office, or take a few moments to gaze out the window and enjoy watching the trees sway in the breeze.
  • You may even choose to be very bold by setting aside half a day, or even a few days, to get quiet, relax and open up to the creative spirit of life.

This week, be sure to consciously carve out time in your life to nurture your creative genius!


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