Creating Space for Divine Solutions

Creating Space for Divine Solutions and New Adventures

by Rev. Diana Kennedy

Are you ready to feel a greater sense of adventure in your life? Perhaps you’ve been feeling what Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to as “divine discontent”, which often begins with feelings of frustration, a search for more, or even boredom, a dull heartache – a longing for more. Some people experience divine discontent as a spiritual phenomenon, an inner urging that calls us higher and invites us to draw upon ideas in a very clear, powerful manner. New adventures, new projects, and new decisions often stem from a challenge or obstacle that is being faced. Once we get to the point where we are open to possibilities or a situation seems to be crying out at us for attention, we begin to tap into the power of creativity.

There is a popular quote by Einstein that speaks to this, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I wholeheartedly agree! There is something about being clear about what isn’t working while at the same time open to the next steps of what could possibly work. Taking on this attitude helps prepare us for what I call “divine solutions.”

There are times when we are working hard to resolve a problem and along the way, we discover a solution that is not expected or “out of the blue.” This was true for 3M Company (think yellow Post It notes, you know those sticky pads that people use to make lists and post reminders around the home or office) and it is also true for you and for me. No one set out to invent sticky notes but back in 1968, a chemist named Dr. Spencer Silver was hard at work on an invention. He had hoped to created a super-strong adhesive but he failed. Instead, Dr. Silver accidentally created what turned out to be a divine solution, a unique low-stick adhesive that could be re-positioned. Of course, we are all familiar with this product as it is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. We’ve all used this accidental invention. A similar thing occurred with the product Play-Doh, which ironically was created to be a cleaning product. “Inventions’ such as Super Glue, Teflon, Velcro, and the modern day heart pacemaker were also birthed as an unexpected and creative solution to a current problem.

When we relax and allow a higher way of thinking to unfold, problems are solved!  What if we open up to a sense of curiosity, allowing divine ideas to bring forth creative solutions and new opportunities? What the 3M company experienced, each one of us can experience. Next time you are experiencing a challenge or feel frustrated, try approaching the obstacle as if a divine solution is around the corner ready to be birthed. As you open up to the creativity that is your birthright,  your life will begin to unfold as a creative adventure!

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