Throwback Thursday: Arts, Artists and Artistic Living

Time for a little time travel with the magic of archived audio.

Grab a cup of tea and listen in on this archived episode of “Let’s Talk About It.”  Back in 2014, Unity Arts Ministry founder, Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins (still in ministerial school at the time) and musician & workshop facilitator, Victor James Dougherty joined host Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepard for a lively conversation on “Arts, Artists, and Artistic Living.”



Arts, Artists and Artistic Living
Originally aired on Unity Online Radio, Thursday, July 24, 2014


Description:  This episode brings together representatives of three major creative arts to discuss the hidden artist in everyone. Jeniffer Hutchins, Unity Institute® and Seminary middler (second year) student, is a celebrated painter, photographer, and art teacher. “I see art as a tool for understanding ourselves and our connection with the Divine Spirit,” Jeniffer explains. “While I enjoy creating with several art mediums, painting is my primary artistic outlet.”

Performer, vocalist, and composer Victor Dougherty represents the musical arts. His work includes “18 years playing at fairs, festivals, special events, and nightclubs around the Midwest, fronting in numerous bands …” Since his spiritual awakening, Victor has taken his art to another level—moving from an emphasis on performance and entertainment to creating music about inspiration and transformation. Victor’s album Both Sides of the Veil is scheduled for release in the fall of 2014.

Adding a third major art form, Dr. Tom pitches into the discussion from the perspective of creative writing, both fiction and nonfiction. The artist in everyone awaits, and this panel will help you find and release the artistic expression within you.

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