Kaira Boston, Living in Creative Spirit

We welcome mixed media artist, Kaira Boston to this week’s edition of “Living in Creative Spirit.” I’m a mixed media artist that translates the layers of life, dreams, visions and intention in a layered visual way via color, texture, shapes and words which inspires and motivates clients when they see their art to continue making Read more about Kaira Boston, Living in Creative Spirit[…]

Tracey Nicholson, Living In Creative Spirit

It is our pleasure to welcome Tracey Nicholson as this week’s featured artist on “Living in Creative Spirit.” Artist Bio: Born in Daytona Beach Florida in 1965 I’ve been hanging out sand and surf since before I could walk. My mom says my distinctive style of lettering and doodling has been recognizable since early days Read more about Tracey Nicholson, Living In Creative Spirit[…]

Diana Kennedy, Living In Creative Spirit

  This week we welcome Rev. Diana Kennedy to “Living in Creative Spirit.” Rev. Diana Kennedy is a Unity Minister, Wisdom Teacher, Empowerment Coach and an Artist of Life. Diana is also an inspirational speaker, workshop leader, spiritual counselor, and contributor to Daily Word. Diana offers keynotes, visioning processes, retreats, leadership training, sacred services and Radiance Read more about Diana Kennedy, Living In Creative Spirit[…]

Spring Reading: Creativity

Unity Arts Ministry’s spring book pick is Creativity by Matthew Fox. Book Description: “The author of Original Blessing explores how the highest communion with the Divine can be found right at our fingertips in the simplest expressions of human creativity. Drawn from a sermon that has electrified listeners, here is a concise, powerful meditation on the nature of Read more about Spring Reading: Creativity[…]

Journalution, Book Group Read

Grab your journal and pen.  It’s time to start a Journalution!  Our book group pick for the months of February and March is Journalution: Journal Writing to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life, and Manifest Your Dreams by Sandy Grason. Book Description: Studies confirm what avid journalers have always known: writing helps you move forward in Read more about Journalution, Book Group Read[…]

Blank Canvas

For more than 10 years, I have engaged in the practice of keeping a Visual Journal.  It has become one of my favorite creative outlets for processing life, exploring emotions, and tuning into the center of my own being.  Not only have I found tremendous healing and personal transformation through this process, but I have Read more about Blank Canvas[…]

CREATE Podcast Sneak Peak: Ronlyn Domingue and the Short Story That Wanted to Be a Book

When asked to create a podcast for Unity Arts Ministry, my initial answer was clear: Nope; no way; not gonna happen; thanks, but no thanks. I’m a writer, not a speaker. However, in my twenty plus years of interviewing folks for magazines and newspapers across the globe, I have grown more fond of the conversations Read more about CREATE Podcast Sneak Peak: Ronlyn Domingue and the Short Story That Wanted to Be a Book[…]

Victor Dougherty, Living In Creative Spirit

This week we welcome, Victor Dougherty to “Living in Creative Spirit.” A co-founder of the Pathless Land Center for Mindfulness and Meditation in KC, Victor brings years of meditation and practice into his ministry. A part of the conscious music movement since 2007 Victor has inspired many individuals and communities throughout the midwest at festivals, Read more about Victor Dougherty, Living In Creative Spirit[…]

Creating Space for Divine Soulutions and New Adventures

Creating Space for Divine Solutions and New Adventures by Rev. Diana Kennedy Are you ready to feel a greater sense of adventure in your life? Perhaps you’ve been feeling what Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to as “divine discontent”, which often begins with feelings of frustration, a search for more, or even boredom, a dull heartache Read more about Creating Space for Divine Soulutions and New Adventures[…]

Stepping into the Creative Zone

Have you ever been out on a walk in nature and gotten lost in the beauty of your surroundings? As you moved deeper into the forest, perhaps you lost track of time as you enjoyed the tall green trees and sounds of a nearby bubbling brook. Or maybe while doing a repetitive task like washing Read more about Stepping into the Creative Zone[…]