Turn your Creative Goals from Dream to Reality

Henry David Thorough wrote, “The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” You are the artist of your life. With the power of your imagination you can envision and create a marvelous masterpiece. Try these basic steps to move from dreaming to realizing your goals.

1 Set Your Goals

The start of the year is often a time of setting goals, intentions and personal resolutions. Take a moment to consider your intentions for your life, your art, and your spiritual practice. What specific, obtainable goals would you like to focus on this year? This process can be done through inner contemplation; journaling; or creating a Vision Board.

2 Join a Supportive Community

Studies show that people who are part of a support group are more likely to follow through on their goals. Having a safe, supportive community of friends provides inspiration as well as personal accountability. Identify people in your life who are nurturing of your creative and spiritual life. Consider joining an online community or engaging with local arts organizations to widen your circle. Share your goals.

3 Enrich Your Practice

Once you set your goals & identify your support team it is time to take action. If you dream of being more creative, get out your brushes, dust off your typewriter, unpack your camera and make some art. If your imagination out pictures an inner landscape of peace roll out your Yoga mat, sit in meditation, and pray. Sign up for classes that allow you to explore new materials and practices. When engaged, both art and spiritual practices will enrich your life. What masterpiece will you create?

Wishing you blessings on your creative journey,

Rev. Jen


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