Continue To Show Up

What is the key to following through with your creative projects and ideas?  Continue to show up!

“Divine Path” 12″x36″ Acrylic Painting by Jeniffer Hutchins

Artist, Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins joins “Creative Spirit” host, Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, for a lively discussion on Creativity and Perseverance.  Let’s face it, life can get real busy, real fast.  It takes dedication, perseverance and a bit of flexibility to make creative expression a priority.  In this interview, Jeniffer talks about the cyclical nature of the creative process and shares how she has adapted her art making to accommodate different times in her life including moving into motherhood.

Listen to this broadcast below or follow the link to the page.

Creativity and Perseverance: Continue to Show Up
Original Air Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Show Description: Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins is the founding minister of Unity Arts Ministry, an alternative ministry that promotes personal growth, healing, and transformation through spiritual enrichment and creative expression. Jeniffer has a Master of Divinity degree and a bachelor’s in art education. Weaving her education together, she presents creative workshops and gives inspirational talks at churches and retreats around the country.  Find out how her experience with perseverance has deepened her creative pursuits in this inspiring interview!

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