We Are All Creative!

I have a tagline that I use in my work to let others know what I do. Next to my name reads: Unity Minister, Q Coach and Artist of Life.  It took quite a while for me to claim the term “Artist”, even though I am a creative soul. In fact, I believe that we are all creative souls! What if each one of us claimed to be an “Artist of Life”? Don’t get me wrong, I know the difference between “Artist of Life” and “Professional Artist”. I bow in reverence to those who make art as their profession and are making a living selling it. But the rest of us can also tap into our creative nature and truly use life as our canvas. Isn’t that exciting? It was for me as I allowed myself to align with my creative side. It was there all along…

Author Elizabeth Gilbert has become known for the following quote out of her book Big Magic, “If you’re alive, you’re a creative person”.  It’s true, we are all creative!

A popular Unity teaching is that all things are created twice, first in the mental realm and then in manifest or physical form. Everything begins with the creative imagination. Using the creative mind, we tap into a wellspring of thought. Concepts, ideas, or what Unity refers to as “Divine Ideas” are like the colors on the palette and our intentions are like a paintbrush, creating swirls and beautiful blends of color on the canvas that is our life. Let the light of love, peace, joy, abundance and adventure make its way onto your canvas!

It is a sense of curiosity and openness that encourages the creative impulse. A sense of anticipation can also carry us a long way as we step into what’s next in our lives, whether it is a new project at work or while sitting down with a new paintbrush and paints. Go forth this week and create!

For inspiration, tune in to yet another quote from the author of Big Magic, “Who do I think I am? I’ll tell you who I am: I am a child of God, just like anyone else. I am a constituent of this universe. I have a right to collaborate with creativity, because I myself am a product and a consequence of creation.”

As a co-creator with God and with life itself, step boldly forward with a sense of curiosity and courage. Create to your heart’s desires!

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