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Growing up, I celebrated 4th of July with a large family gathering at my aunt’s house. I’d work with my cousins to create a giant whirlpool in the pool, play badminton with my mom, eat meme’s homemade clam cakes and chowder, and await the evening firework display (put on by my uncle and his collection of illegally smuggled explosives). 🌟

I know this year, 4th of July will be different for many of us here in the States. With so many physical doors closed these past several months I have been realizing just how much I miss the various communities in my life. Not only am I missing the idea of 4th of July gatherings, but I’m also missing the amazing community at the Unity Arts Ministry studio; friends and home-school moms.

What aspects of community have you been missing? Let me know below ⬇️

Art journals are a place where I process life and my spiritual journey in colorful and messy ways. Join me this coming Monday for Creative Spirit Gathering where we will explore the changing dynamics of community with splatterings of paint and scribbles of crayons. Let’s get messy together!

Register online for access to the ZOOM room ( or join me via FB Live on the Unity Arts Ministry page at 10:10 am CT.

Wishing you blessings on your creative journey,
Rev. Jen

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