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Get ready to radiate creativity as Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins & Shannon Sleeper with Unity Arts Ministry join host Christi Clemons Hoffman on the Radiate Wellness Podcast.

“What you radiate shows in every aspect of your life. Each week, join host Christi Clemons Hoffman, owner of Radiate Wellness, as she talks with luminaries, authors, and other inspirational guests about what they bring to the world–radiating health, clarity, hope and more. If you want to change your life by changing what you radiate, this is the podcast for you.” Radiate Wellness Podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify & YouTube.

About: Reverend Jeniffer Hutchins is the founding minister of Unity Arts Ministry. As an artist and ordained Unity minister, her mission is to inspire self-reflection and personal transformation through spiritual principles and the healing power of art. Rev. Jeniffer presents creative workshops; gives inspirational talks at churches and retreats around the country; and is the host of the series “The Art of You” through New Thought Classics.

She is a featured artist in the book Crafting Gratitude: Creating and Celebrating Our Blessings with Hands and Heart by Maggie Oman Shannon and has been a writer for a daily devotional magazine for several years.

Jeniffer’s artwork has been represented by multiple galleries and has been showcased in exhibitions nationally. She has been featured in City View Magazine and on multiple Unity.fm programs, including “Call of Spirit,” “The Creative Spirit,” and “Let’s Talk About It.”

About: Shannon Sleeper holds a master’s degree in Art Therapy and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. She worked as a Children’s Case Manager for six years. Collectively, she has worked at Silent Unity for 8+ years. For the past year she has been the Forecasting & Scheduling Coordinator for Silent Unity. Shannon is a core team member of Unity Arts Ministry and is co-founder of the Unity Artists Coalition which hosts monthly meetings on grounds at Unity Village, MO. She is the creator of Kindness Kansas City, a Facebook group designed to highlight acts of kindness that relate to the KC Metro area.

A curator of creative possibilities, Shannon brings spiritual ideas and creative resources together. Her focuses are on how art can nurture kindness and compassionate action in the world and how the arts can be a tool to explore concepts or process responses to ideas, objects, or people. In her spare time, she loves to read, paint, write, and have life-enriching conversations.

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