Prayer Wings Project

Unity Arts Ministry is proud to present an interactive mural project designed to uplift and inspire. Featuring hand colored feathers from individuals around the world, this large scale mural will be installed at the Unity Village Bookstore and Café in the Winter of 2021. Inspired by the street artist, Kelsey Montague, these Prayer Wings will be the perfect size to stand before and picture yourself taking off in flight.

We invite you to be a part of this innovative commUNITY project. Give your prayers wings!

POSTMARK DEADLINE REACHED. Thank you to all of the participants across the globe!

Stay tuned for details on the project as it moves forward into creation.

Thank you to the artists helping to make this project possible! Wing sketch designed by April Zimmerman. Feather template designed by Barbara Hadley. Wooden wings created by Philip Brown.

Project Updates:

Beginning in December, 2020, prayer feathers from across the country flood our mailbox.
Rev. Jen organizing the incoming prayer feathers. January 2021.
Artist, April Zimmerman creates a full scale paper wing template using projected image of her original design for the prayer wing mural. January, 2021.
Laying feathers on the new paper template to determine count required per wing.
By February 2021 we have received 301 creative prayers to be incorporated in the mural. Enough to give our wings a beautiful, full design.
Sturdy wooden wings created by local artist, Philip Brown.

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