Cathy Chamberlin, Living In Creative Spirit

This week we welcome Canadian artist Cathy Chamberlin to share her inspiring story.

Favorite quote: “In the inner place where true artists create there exists a pure child”  Lawren Harris; Canadian Group of Seven artist.

Book that has inspired me: “Courage to Create” by Rollo May

Favorite flavor of ice-cream: Haagen Dazs “Peanut Butter Chocolate” (to die for!)

Super Hero: “Athena”; goddess of wisdom, strength, crafts and female arts. If I had a super power it would be, “Creating”


My story:

For me creativity is expressing my wholeness, and the more I create the more my life becomes creative. 

I have spent much time researching the idea of creativity and where it comes from in the individual artist.  In this process, I have been influenced by Emily Carr, Claude Monet, The Group of Seven and my late husband John Chamberlin; in each of these artists I found the spiritual in their creativity.  It is my belief, based on research and observation, that each one of us in an artist, whether we realize it or not.  When we choose to engage in the creative process we get in touch with this truth.

Creativity is a holistic way of living.  Emily Carr demonstrated this in her life as did the Group of Seven. The many forms of creativity including art, music, writing, and dance are expressed in as many variations as there are inhabitants of earth.

I believe we are spiritual beings growing in our human expression.  Creativity in any form is closely connected to our spiritual nature.  Thus, any creative expression is a beautiful way to manifest our spiritual nature.  The nature of creativity is to grow; the nature of spiritual/human beings is to grow.  I enjoy expressing my creative self in many ways, drawing, painting, color pencil, sewing and crafts.

If I were to offer a tip to nurture a creative spirit, I would say, “Take your passion and make it happen.” Let go and trust in the process of the “pure child” artist within.



I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  In 1975 my late husband and I immigrated to Canada settling in Medicine Hat, Alberta.   I studied management and marketing at Medicine Hat college and pursued a career in retail management with Sears Canada. In 1990 we moved to Victoria, British Columbia.

It was my husband who really encouraged me to pursue my desire to tap into my creative nature.  He taught art and I took several of his courses.

In the last several years, since I retired, I have been pursuing my art studies more.  I have taken courses at Vancouver Island School of Art, as well as various classes offered at recreation centers and other local art schools.  I have a great interest in art history and take courses offered through the University of Victoria Continuing Education.

I have facilitated some workshops for my local Unity community in Mandala making as well as Quilling classes.  For the most part I would say I am self-taught in many respects. I am passionate and patient in my perseverance to express my creative self, truly a wonderful journey.

I am currently working on a series of drawings called “Whimsical Cats.” Medium is color pencil and pen/ink.



I presently do not have a website; however, I can be contacted at:; I am willing to chat via e-mail about my work at any time.


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