How to Make a Flexagon Infinity Card

Learn how to make a flexagon infinity card with this step-by-step art tutorial. Revs Barbara Hadley and Jen Hutchins make the process fun and easy to follow. Use this technique to turn copies of your favorite art into a foldable book, or turn blank pages into an affirmative prayer card. The possibilities are infinite! All Read more about How to Make a Flexagon Infinity Card[…]

Radiating Imagination

Grab your art journal and explore the latest Creative Spirit Gathering message. Creative Spirit Gathering empowers you with creative tools to deepen your spiritual practice. This donation-based art journal program can help you process, heal, and find peace in the midst of change. Join Rev. Jen Hutchins, founder of Unity Arts Ministry, for weekly inspirational video message; Read more about Radiating Imagination[…]

Unity Prayer Wings

You may have seen images of the new Prayer Wing Mural at Unity Village. This interactive mural project featuring hand colored feathers from individuals around the world took over 6 months from concept to installation. Here’s the story…. Original inspiration for this project came from a combination of street artist Kelsey Montague’s work and my Read more about Unity Prayer Wings[…]

The Journey of Process Painting

[Article by Jenny Hahn, originally published by Unity Leader’s Journal, Feb 23, 2017] “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So said the great Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu. It can also begin with a single brushstroke. Let’s take a journey together. You are an archaeologist of sorts. Part scientist, part adventurer/explorer. You Read more about The Journey of Process Painting[…]

Share Love Coloring Page

Today is Valentine’s Day. Like most holidays around my home, Valentine’s Day serves as inspiration for new creative projects.  Cards, crafts, and cookies are typical gifts among my family. As I write this, my husband asked if we had any flaked coconut. My guess is it won’t be long before the smell of baked goodies Read more about Share Love Coloring Page[…]

Creating Space for Divine Solutions

Creating Space for Divine Solutions and New Adventures by Rev. Diana Kennedy Are you ready to feel a greater sense of adventure in your life? Perhaps you’ve been feeling what Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to as “divine discontent”, which often begins with feelings of frustration, a search for more, or even boredom, a dull heartache Read more about Creating Space for Divine Solutions[…]

2020 Year in Review

2020 has been a year filled with unexpected twists and turns. Through it all the Unity Arts Community has turned to the arts as a healing balm for the soul and a connector of community. To our participants, donors, volunteers, teachers, Board of Directors, & Senior Minister, THANK YOU for helping us make creative healing Read more about 2020 Year in Review[…]

Prayer Wings Project

Unity Arts Ministry is proud to present an interactive mural project designed to uplift and inspire. Featuring hand colored feathers from individuals around the world, this large scale mural will be installed at the Unity Village Bookstore and Café in the Winter of 2021. Inspired by the street artist, Kelsey Montague, these Prayer Wings will Read more about Prayer Wings Project[…]

What to Pack for Plein Air Painting

Whether set up in a field of flowers, a mountain meadow or your own backyard, painting in nature can be a soothing balm for the soul. Like all creative endeavors, it can also be a cause of stress if you aren’t prepared for the experience. Below we share a basic list of materials to help Read more about What to Pack for Plein Air Painting[…]

My favorite tool for when life gets wonky

Growing up, I celebrated 4th of July with a large family gathering at my aunt’s house. I’d work with my cousins to create a giant whirlpool in the pool, play badminton with my mom, eat meme’s homemade clam cakes and chowder, and await the evening firework display (put on by my uncle and his collection Read more about My favorite tool for when life gets wonky[…]