Make a Creative Spring Garden

Spring is a Great time for planting Kindness Rocks!

The Kindness Rocks Project ( was created by Megan Murphy of Cape Cod, MA in hopes of sparking joy in people’s everyday lives. She began by writing inspiring messages on rocks and leaving them at a beach where she walked every day. What started as 5 rocks rippled out and spread kindness to her community and eventually to the world.

“If a message hits a person at the right time, or they join and they do it in their community and they drop a message that hits somebody when they need it, it’s like a huge connection. It’s what our world needs right now.” – Megan Murphy

Create A Kindness Rock Garden

With a dedicated Kindness Rocks Garden at Unity Village, the team at Unity Arts Ministry, have had plenty of opportunities to explore a variety of different materials in use with decorating rocks. Some worked great, others, not so well. Some things didn’t stick to the rocks at all and others made the rocks all stick to each other – not our desired outcome. The following is a list of suggested materials, and where to find them based on what has worked best for us in our explorations.

Tips on Finding the Best Supplies


The base for your project is going to be rocks. You want to look for smooth stones between 2” – 4.” Before you head to the store for your rocks, check your local area, especially if you live near a beach or lake. If you don’t happen to be so fortunate, check out the following options for rock purchasing.

  • River rocks can be purchased in bulk at garden centers and home improvement stores
  • Rocks designed for home craft projects can often be purchased at craft stores, Walmart or Dollar Stores
  • Buy smooth river rocks online through Amazon

*To clean your rocks simply rinse them with a garden hose or wash them in a bucket and let dry.


Acrylic craft paint works great for rock painting. A variety of craft paint brands can be found at local craft stores such as Americana, Craftsmart, Folk Art, or Martha Stewart brand.


Have a variety of brushes on hand. Use small brush sizes 0-2 for details and lettering. Larger, soft bristled brushes are good for painting backgrounds a solid color.

Paint Pens

There are a variety of paint pens out there. Below are a few that we have consistently heard good feedback on or have had personal experience with. In addition to getting quality pens, be sure to get the best width for your project. For smaller rocks choose extra fine point pens. Fine to medium point will work on your larger stone surfaces. Helpful tip: Use paint pens only on completely dry surfaces.

  • Paint Markers by Artistro
  • Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens
  • Posca Paint Pens


Protect your rock art and the environment with a coat of clear sealant. We prefer to use a natural matte finish on our rocks. Be sure to choose a product that is designed for Outdoor use.

These sealants have been tested and approved and can be found at hardware stores, craft stores or online through Amazon.

  • Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Clear Spray
  • Design Master Clear Finish Matte
  • ModPodge Outdoor (note: rocks sealed with ModPodge may stick to each other if stacked for travel or shipping)

How to Create Your Kindness Rocks

  1. Choose clean, smooth stones, between 2”- 4”
  2. Use craft paint and or paint pens to decorate your rocks with positive words and images
  3. Let dry completely
  4. Seal rock(s) with a clear out-door use spray or brush on sealant such as ModPodge Outdoor. This helps to protect your art and the environment.
  5. Drop your rocks in a Kindness Rock Garden or place them in a public area to be found. (Be sure to ask for approval before placing your rocks on property other than your own. Be sure to keep them in areas that will not affect wild-life or lawnmowers.)

We hope that you enjoy making Kindness Rocks as much as we do. We love seeing pictures of rocks and rock gardens. Please feel free to share your images in the comments below or share on our FB page.

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We are grateful for the love and support of individuals and organizations like you, who feel they have been spiritually nourished or inspired by some aspect of this ministry and its work.

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