Kindness Rocks at Unity Village

Help Plant Kindness Rocks at Unity Village Unity Arts Ministry has partnered with Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village to plant an inspirational “Kindness Rocks” garden on grounds. We invite you and your spiritual community to participate by painting rocks to contribute to the garden.  Your painted rock(s) will serve to uplift and inspire others Read more about Kindness Rocks at Unity Village[…]

Ripples of Kindness

Spreading ripples of kindness in our community and beyond! Unity Arts Ministry participated in creating a special “Kindness Rocks” project in partnership with Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village and Hazel Grove Elementary School. This project concept came as a response to do something positive following the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, 2017. Unity Arts Ministry Read more about Ripples of Kindness[…]

The Creative, Nurturing Aspect of the Divine

In this Mother’s Day video titled “Nature of the Divine: God as Mother, Nurture” (put out by Unity Worldwide Ministries), a quote by Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore is shared that expresses spiritual Truth: “You represent the feminine aspect of God as you nurture another.” The Divine Feminine is a creative, nurturing aspect of the Divine Read more about The Creative, Nurturing Aspect of the Divine[…]