The Prayer Wings mural, created by Unity Arts Ministry, features 301 hand-colored feathers from individuals around the world. This interactive mural is currently display at the Unity Commons located behind the Café. Visitors are invited to stand before them and feel uplifted in hope and joy.

Each feather represents a prayer. There are affirmations of hope, love, healing, and unity as well as prayers for loved ones lost. A woman in Kansas created a set featuring the 12 Powers. “The Prayer for Protection” by James Dillet Freeman was written across the backs of a set created by a family with three young children.

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Where did the idea for the Prayer Wing Mural come from? Rev. Jen Hutchins, founder of Unity Arts Ministry was inspired by a combination of street artist Kelsey Montague’s work and the Instagram feed of a personal friend, Rev. Amanda Ganley, who stood in image posed in front of a set of wings made up of individual feathers created by the youth at Albuquerque CSL.

“As social distancing was at its height in 2020, I saw the wings project as a way to build community and to set positive prayer intention.” -Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins, founder Unity Arts Ministry

How did it come together? This interactive mural project took over 6 months from concept to installation. Participation came from 19 US states, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand.

Shortly after the project launched in December of 2020, Unity Arts Ministry began receiving feathers in the mail. Feathers were collected over a 2-month period. Some envelopes contained a single feather and prayer, while others contained multiples created by families, groups of friends, or single individuals with many prayers to share. Rev. Jen Hutchins personally opened each envelope affirming the written prayer with the individual.

Quite often these sessions left me in tears as I felt the powerful prayer energy of hope and peace for the world; of sadness for loved ones lost; of prayers for health and wholeness; and many affirming love for all of humanity. -Rev. Jen Hutchins

Who designed the wings? While the initial concept for the project came from Rev. Jen, there were many artists who stepped up to make this project come to life. Special thanks to artists April Kincade Zimmerman for creating the concept sketch for the mural design; Rev. Barbara Hadley who designed our feather template; & Philip Brown who constructed wooden wings using the initial template to use as our canvas.

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