October Sessions

 Our October sessions are dedicated to the theme of BALANCE & HARMONY. This series will integrate the themes of composition and self-care. Weekly meditations will help center you on what is most important in your art and your life.

Creative Spirit Gathering is an Art Journal program that empowers you with creative tools to deepen your spiritual practice. 

Join Jen Hutchins, founder of Unity Arts Ministry, along with a supportive community for weekly online sessions that include art journal inspiration, meditation, creative journal time, and community share. Our expressive arts approach combines reflective writing with basic art materials. Capture your thoughts and process your emotions with color, texture, line and form.

Focus is placed on creative process over end product. Lessons utilize simple art materials you are likely to have on hand such as crayons, pens, colored pencils, water color paints, and collage materials. No prior artistic experience is necessary.

Attend one or all of the sessions as they fit your schedule. Archives of Creative Spirit Gathering videos are available for a limited time via YouTube.

Suggested Donation: $15 per live session 

Unity Arts Ministry is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization providing programs that nourish the Creative Spirit. Your tax-deductible gift, in whatever amount, is gratefully received and will make a positive difference to this ministry. Thank you for your support!

Meet Your Host: Jeniffer Hutchins, founder of Unity Arts Ministry, is passionate about expressive art education and Unity ministry. She is an ordained Unity minister, art educator, professional artist, published author, and certified Reiki Master. Her mission is to inspire self-reflection and personal transformation through spiritual principles and the healing power of art.

Through Unity Arts Ministry, Jeniffer facilitates creative workshops, classes & retreat experiences and offers guest speaking services. She has presented at spiritual centers across the country; is the host of the series “The Art of You;" and has been featured in magazine, radio and video podcast interviews.