Welcome to Creative Spirit Gathering

Rev. Jen Hutchins, founding minister of Unity Arts Ministry, invites you to join a new program designed to help support you on your spiritual journey. In this episode, Rev. Jen explores what a Visual Journal is and how you can use it for creative reflection activities.

To give a tithe in support of Unity Arts Ministry and programs like Creative Spirit, please use the button below or click here for our mailing address.  Your tax-deductible gift, in whatever amount, is gratefully received and will make a positive difference to this ministry!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Creative Spirit Gathering

  • Hi Jen! So happy to see the Unity church delving into art for a spiritual practice. Tell me how to digitally connect! Are you on YouTube! I do want to do this in our community!

    • Hi Karen,
      your message just made its way to my attention. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of Unity Arts Ministry! I will send you a personal email as well.
      While we are just getting into producing more video content, we are on YouTube and Vimeo. We are also active on FB & Instagram and post occasionally on Twitter. Looking forward to connecting with you and your community!
      YouTube & Vimeo @Unity Arts Ministry
      FB & Insta @unityartsministry
      Twitter @ministryarts

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