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What aspects of community are in transition for you? Art journals are a place where you can process life and your spiritual journey in colorful and messy ways. Today we will explore the changing dynamics of community with splatterings of paint and scribbles of crayons. Let’s get messy together!

Creative Spirit Gathering is hosted by Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins, founder of Unity Arts Ministry.

Thank you for your support! Unity Arts Ministry is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Programs such as “Creative Spirit” are made possible by generous donations by individuals like you. Your tax-deductible gift, in whatever amount, is gratefully received and will make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve through this ministry!

“Creative Spirit Gatherings are a huge blessing! Through music, meditation, and art journaling, Rev. Jen guides us with tender loving care to express ourselves in our art journals. I am not an artist. Rev. Jen explains a variety of ways to art journal for all skill levels and abilities. We have explored the topics of self-nurturing, planting seeds, light, and gratitude, to name just a few. I find this time to be so beneficial to my health and well-being. During this time, I am able to set aside my worries and concerns and focus on the gifts and blessings being received. I discover that as I work in my art journal, my body relaxes and I am smiling. At the end of our two hours together, I feel uplifted and lighter.” -Terry Lummer, New Jersey

“It has meant a lot to me to find a Unity ministry that focuses on spirit through creative expression–whatever form that expression might take. And that is the Unity Art Ministry. Imagine understanding Unity principles at a deeper level by expressing your inner experiences through creative expression! How cool is this idea for ministry! I love it.

I have found acceptance even on days where I show up an emotional mess. Rev. Jeniffer holds the space for me and hands me art supplies (or if we are on Zoom, makes gentle suggestions for art).” Barbara Hadley, Kansas City, MO

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