Help us create safe and supportive community environments both online and in person. Please read through the UAM community guidelines below.

Honoring Community Agreements

Unity Arts Ministry is a welcoming and affirming ministry. Participation in Unity Arts Ministry programming indicates an agreement to:

Foster a safe and supportive community through empathy and compassion.

Welcome with respect individuals of all walks of life including but not limited to: socioeconomic levels, belief systems, ethnicities, races, sexualities, gender identities, mental and physical abilities.

Acknowledge that the individual comments and opinions of program participants, volunteers, small group or forum members do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Unity Arts Ministry or it’s staff.

Use words and actions that are affirming, kind and supportive towards others and myself.

Refrain from intentionally engaging in behavior or speech that causes others or myself physical or emotional discomfort. And to respectfully discontinue should others indicate their discomfort.

Respect participant confidentiality. Honor the privacy of personal information and experience shared during programming. Ask permission before taking personal photos or videos of individuals.

Reason things out directly should I feel my physical, emotional or relational needs or boundaries were not met by others. And to listen to and respect the needs and boundaries of others. Refer to the Conflict Resolution Steps.

Ask for the assistance of a UAM volunteer, instructor or director if I am unable to reason things out directly with another or feel unsafe doing so.

Use all materials, tools and supplies within the UAM studio as they are intended. To ask for assistance if unsure how to properly use a material, tool or supply before using it.

To put all materials, tools, furniture and supplies back in their proper place at the end of the program.

Understand that if I choose to not adhere to the community guidelines I may be asked to leave by UAM volunteers, facilitators, or staff. In the event that I must leave from a paid event, I waive the right to any financial refund.




As we open our hearts in community, we also open awareness of individual needs and comfort levels. Please familiarize yourself with the following information. If we do not answer your questions or concerns below, please use the form above or email us at

Our program will start promptly at the designated start time. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the program so as not to disturb the facilitator or other participants. This applies to online as well as in person events.

We honor your safety and respect individual comfort levels regarding masks and social distancing. Please note that masking is optional throughout Unity Village at this time. Special colored stickers are available for your studio name tag to help let others know if you prefer to practice social distancing or you are comfortable with close contact.

For the health of yourself and others please stay home if you are not feeling well, have a cough or a fever. If the program you registered for has an online attendance option, you may join us via Zoom.

If you are unable to attend in person or online, check the cancellation policy for the specific event. Many of our programs offer a generous cancellation policy. You may always email us at for details.

Casual and comfortable clothing is appropriate for our in studio and online programming. Consider clothing you would not mind getting paint or glitter glue stuck to.

As temperatures can fluctuate within the studio, we recommend layering options.

Please do not wear any clothing with images or messages that could be considered rude or offensive to others.

We value the safety and comfort of all participants and facilitators. If the roads may be slick from ice or snow in any part of the surrounding metro area, we will cancel the event (and stay home with fuzzy socks on).

Outdoor events may be canceled or relocated to the studio where possible in the event of rain or extreme cold.

In the event a program is cancelled or a new location is determined we will update the associated event page, email registered participants (when possible) and make a post on the UAM Community FB Page. Full refunds will be issued for paid events.