Living a Creative Life of Adventure and Joy

The beginning of the movie The Wizard of Oz shifts from black and white to Technicolor signifying the beginning of a very personal and deep journey for the main character Dorothy. The vivid colors express a vitality and sense of purpose as Dorothy ventures out to accomplish what is hers to do. Our lives too, Read more about Living a Creative Life of Adventure and Joy[…]

Creating Space for Divine Soulutions and New Adventures

Creating Space for Divine Solutions and New Adventures by Rev. Diana Kennedy Are you ready to feel a greater sense of adventure in your life? Perhaps you’ve been feeling what Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to as “divine discontent”, which often begins with feelings of frustration, a search for more, or even boredom, a dull heartache Read more about Creating Space for Divine Soulutions and New Adventures[…]

Stepping into the Creative Zone

Have you ever been out on a walk in nature and gotten lost in the beauty of your surroundings? As you moved deeper into the forest, perhaps you lost track of time as you enjoyed the tall green trees and sounds of a nearby bubbling brook. Or maybe while doing a repetitive task like washing Read more about Stepping into the Creative Zone[…]

The Power of Play

I often get inspired by memes that are shared on the internet. You’ve probably seen the “digital posters” with messages that people share on Facebook. The one that grabbed my attention this week was a quote by Abraham Maslow that stated, “Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” This got me thinking of the importance of Read more about The Power of Play[…]

The Creative, Nurturing Aspect of the Divine

In this Mother’s Day video titled “Nature of the Divine: God as Mother, Nurture” (put out by Unity Worldwide Ministries), a quote by Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore is shared that expresses spiritual Truth: “You represent the feminine aspect of God as you nurture another.” The Divine Feminine is a creative, nurturing aspect of the Divine Read more about The Creative, Nurturing Aspect of the Divine[…]

We Are All Creative!

I have a tagline that I use in my work to let others know what I do. Next to my name reads: Unity Minister, Q Coach and Artist of Life.  It took quite a while for me to claim the term “Artist”, even though I am a creative soul. In fact, I believe that we Read more about We Are All Creative![…]