Join the Fun

Artist Trading Card Swap

Community led group featuring a monthly ATC mail art exchange.

How to Participate

Make some art, get some art, that is the basis of this community program. Each month participants are invited to create 5 ATCs in exchange for 5 from other artists in the group. Artwork can be as simple or elaborate as you like. All skill levels welcome! Read on for details.

1.Create five Artist Trading Cards size 2  1/2” x 3  1/2” (these can be bought pre-sized or cut to size using your own art papers). Family friendly art with positive messages are encouraged.

2.Place your cards in protective sleeves (optional). Suggestions: baseball card individual sleeves, small zipper bags, an old envelope cut to size or any other creative idea that protects.

3.Place your five ATCs in a sturdy envelope along with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. A recycled card can help add stability to your envelope.

4.Mail your ATCs to the current month’s host no later than the 15th. (Join or FB group for host information. Information will also be avail on the ATC community forum in future months.)

5.Check your mail for the SASE you sent to arrive with five ATCs from artists in our Unity Arts Community.

This is a free, volunteer-run activity! Please consider donating to our non-profit organization, Unity Arts Ministry, in support of programs like this that inspire the Creative Spirit.




Read on for additional participation details and frequently asked questions.

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are mini works of art (size 2  1/2” x 3  1/2” ) created with the intention of trading with other artists. They can be designed using any 2D material such as painting, drawing, photography, collage, poetry, etc.

Each month we have a unique host. Monthly host name and address is provided in a private event through the Unity Arts Community FB group. New members welcome. (Note: We are in the process of integrating an ATC forum on the UAM website. Beginning in 2023 monthly host info will be available through the forum.)

Many ATC sets can be mailed using a single stamp. However, it is strongly recommended that you check with your local post office to ensure proper postage. Bulky cards may require extra postage.

Postmark your ATC envelope no later than the 15th of the month. The sooner the better to accommodate any shipping delays.

The ATC monthly host is encouraged to send the ATC sets out to participants the first week of the following month.

If participant cards arrive after the exchange has been sent out, the enclosed SASE will be used to mail your cards back to you.

ATCs are redistributed in a random manor as decided upon by the monthly host. We ask that participants not request specific cards or cards from a specific artist.

Our community organizer puts out a call for hosts at the beginning of the year. Participants may contact the organizer directly to share their interest, select month, and provide address.

Please Note: Unity Arts Ministry and our team of volunteer ATC swap participants and hosts are not responsible for postage delays, lost or damaged cards, inadequate postage or any other unforeseen circumstances.